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What causes radicals to form
What causes radicals to form

What causes radicals to form

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Oct 8, 2006 - Free radicals, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in particular, play an . is the principal cause of coronary heart disease and other forms of

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Typically two free radicals combine to form a more stable species, for example: . Such reactions are believed to be the primary cause of depletion of the ozone?Unpaired electron -?Free radical (disambiguation) -?Open shellFree radicals, antioxidants and functional foods: Impact on › NCBI › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC)Similarby V Lobo - ?2010 - ?Cited by 243 - ?Related articlesSome internally generated sources of free radicals are[8] Free radical reactions are expected to produce progressive adverse changes that accumulate with Free radicals cause cell mutations, damage immune function, cause wrinkles They come together to form tissues, and tissues come together to form organs. Some free radicals form naturally during bodily functions such as breathing, eating, and drinking. Others form because of cigarette smoke, overexposure to smog

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Another important source which creates lots of free radicals is the presence of toxic generally occurs during heart attacks and strokes – forms free radicals. The reason is that we need somewhere to place the used electrons that drive But observe that two electrons are required for each oxygen atom to form H2O. Jan 25, 2001 - Sometimes the body?s immune system?s cells purposefully create them to Of particular note in combating free-radical formation caused by Free radicals form when one of these weak bonds between electrons is broken Oxygen free radicals cause lipid peroxidation, which results in damage to cell Moreover, despite the long list of problems they cause, free radicals are not all bad As we have just seen, immune system cells deliberately create oxy radicals

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